The Kardashians’ Hair Stylist Extension Rules

Jen Atkins is one of the most revered hair stylists in the world. After all, she is the one who is responsible for some of the best celebrity hairstyles so far. You cannot ignore the role played by the Kardashians when it comes to hair extensions. They have made hair extensions normal and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, Jen Atkins says that the days of extension shaming are long gone. Women have been wearing extensions for centuries and men have felt them for as long so it is nothing new.

This hair guru has some basic rules to help achieve the perfect look with hair extensions. They include:

Matching Your Color

Most people want to try out different hair color but they go about it the wrong way. The right way involves matching your extensions with your hair color, that is, unless you plan on sewing in the extensions. When you are getting everyday extensions that help to add length or volume, you will need to get some that are similar to your own hair color. Usually, the roots and tips of your hair are different in color. It is upon you to use hair concealer to make the blending easier or get shades that match your roots as well as your strands.

Styling before Installation

Another tip that Jen Atkins gives is to style your extensions before you install them. To do this, you hang them on a hanger and curl them or style them however you want. It is easier to have a great hairdo by styling the extensions before you install them.

Getting Your Stylist’s Input

You might have interacted with hairstylists who have messed you up in the past and this has made you weary of getting input from other stylists. This is a wrong approach. If you would like to get some great extensions you need to get a good hairstylist first. Next, trust that they are going to help you look good. Once you have your hair extensions, you should give them to the stylist so they can cut them to suit your face shape and your hair as well. This will create uniformity in your hairdo. None of your hair strands will be longer than the extensions. Getting your stylist to custom cut or dye the extensions helps to achieve the best and most natural look at the end of the day.

Using the Proper Hair Products

Finally, you cannot ignore the role that hair products play. If you would like to sleek down your style then you need to use some oil to do this. You will also need to use hair spray on your hair as well as the extensions to set them in place. Now that you recognize the need for these products, find the right ones in order to achieve the best look.


If you ever looked at the Kardashians and envied their hair, you now have a slice of the pie through this valuable information from Jen Atkins. You may now go forth and use these rules to achieve that Kardashian look as well..

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