Some of the Favorite Kardashian Hair Extensions

If you are a hair enthusiast and consider hair extensions good looking, you definitely know about the Kardashians and how everyone wants hair like theirs. Each of them has a unique style that people identify with and all of them are to die for. The type of hair extensions that they use plays a crucial role in how their hair looks. This is why everyone would like to try out the luxury Zen extensions which other celebrities also use. One of the strong points of these luxury hair extensions is that they come in different types which allow you to choose the mode of application that you would prefer.

Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions are some of the most popular ones and even the Kardashians have spotted them from time to time. Tape-in hair extensions are relatively easy to install. The process takes about half an hour. This is a relatively shorter time when compared to micro bead, fusion or even sew in extension installation.

The process is a simple one. The hair stylist will take a section of your hair and place it between two tape-in wefts of hair extensions. This will then be fastened in place. The process is repeated all over your head to achieve a voluminous hairdo.  The extensions should be left in place for a few hours without manipulation so the adhesive can set properly.

Taking Care of Them

Taking care of tape-in luxury Zen hair extensions is not difficult. In fact, it is just like taking care of your own hair. All you have to do is wash them, condition and use oil to keep them clean and shiny. Apart from this, you can style them using heat application tools as you please.

For tape-in extensions, you will need to go back to the hairstylist so he or she can tighten them and reposition them nearer the roots as they move downwards with hair growth and as they loosen over time. The great thing about these specific extensions is that you can re-use them over and over again because they are high quality extensions. They can last through the year and this is cost-effective. However, they are very costly to buy them initially and every salon visit could set you back around $300.

Benefits of Having Them

The benefit of having these tape-in extensions is that they give you a great look. If you want to add length or volume, you are free to do as much. Additionally, they are easy to apply and maintain which cuts down your salon visit time as well as the time taken to prepare every day. You also get to look like a celebrity. Remember that these tape-in luxury Zen hair extensions are used by the likes of the Kardashians and other formidable celebrities whose hair people envy. You get to join the club and slay the look as well.


Although you might spend a little fortune on these extensions, it is worth it as they last all year round. This is cheaper in the long run and it also allows you to look great while you are at it.