Sleek Straight Hair Extensions like Kim Kardashian

Celebrities start trends that catch on quickly. Take Kim Kardashian for example. Most of what she does, whether it is makeup, clothing or hair, is copied by people all over the world. When it comes to hair extensions, the Kardashians have managed to stay a step ahead the rest. Kim’s new look is that of sleek and long hair. It is obvious that these are extensions because one cannot possibly grow that much hair overnight. However, extension stigma is long gone and now people can freely have them without facing backlash.

If you want to achieve these new sleek straight hair extensions that Kim Kardashian has made popular, all you need to do is:

Prepare Your Hair

The first step is to prepare your hair for these extensions. To do this, you will need to decide which type of extensions you would like to use. It is best to go for clip in or sew in extensions because they protect your hair underneath. With fusion or micro link extensions, you can only add so many inches to your hair without placing stress on your roots. With the other two options, you can add as much length or volume without damaging your own hair.

To prepare your hair, braid it in conrows while leaving the front part and the side open. This way, you have your own hair to blend in with the extensions.

Install Extensions

To install the extensions, you can choose the clip in or sew in option. For the clip in extensions, the hair stylist will clip the extensions at the base of your conrows. It is best to use a hairstylist for this since they are able to space out the wefts in a natural looking way. On the other hand, choosing the sew-in extensions will take a longer time to install. However, you will not worry about whether these extensions will end up coming off. They also last longer installed when compared to the clip in counterparts.

Blend Together

Lastly, blend the hair extensions together with your hair. The last bit is to brush the hair left on the sides and at the front with the extensions. This will hide any appearance of wefts; give you a more natural part and hairline. No one will be able to tell that you have extensions except those who saw your hair before you went to the salon. To achieve that extremely sleek look, you might need to use some oil to lay down your hair and blend it naturally with the extensions. You may now rock your sleek straight and extremely long hair extensions just like Kim Kardashian does.


It is not as difficult as people think it is to get the exact same hairstyle that the Kardashians have. However, you need to always remember that a style is either made or broken by the quality of hair that you choose. Remy hair or virgin human hair is the best and will help you achieve the most natural look. It is also the most expensive but lasts the longest as well.